team-CCCraig Cutler – Owner and CEO CM Refractory
American petroleum institute inspector (API 936)
CM Refractory was started in 2008, I was given an opportunity to set up and run a company servicing the needs of sub-contracting refractory lining and anchor installation. Although most contracts are direct work for Qualfab Ltd and are workshop based, we also carry out all types of site installations for Van Tongeren International. This work involves mobilising manpower and equipment and we work in most continental European countries.

I was employed full time as refractory lining supervisor for Qualfab Ltd a position I’d held for seven years, it was at the time I decided to start my own business.

I was encouraged to start my own business under guidance of Qualfab Directors Jon Bull and Gary Jones, to carry out all of Qualfab’s refractory lining installations.

I started my refractory career 28 years ago working for Tony George at Monoline, after a couple of years I progressed as a trainee installer under supervision of Alex Sutherland and Tony George.

The majority of the installation was carried out at Qualfab Ltd in Oldbury, West Midlands.

I also carried out contracts in Italy, Belgium and Norway for Causeway Steel Products.

Circumstances changed when Monoline proprietor Tony George fell gravely hill. Qualfab started to carry out all their refractory lining installation using direct labour. It was at this time I joined Qualfab on a full time basis employed as a refractory installer supervisor, incorporating Hex-metal, Vee anchor and Flex-metal installation and training as a welder in various processes. I was also responsible for other types/styles of installation such as free-flow and Vibro-Cast refractories.

I moved into managing all of Qualfab refractory installations.

CM Refractory’s is 10 years old and still growing, I believe that starting from the bottom and time served in the industry has put me in a good position and will help me further in the future.

team-AJAnthony Richards (Ant) – Works Manager
Ant Richards was a founder member of CM Refractory’s since inception in 2010 and has over five years unbroken service.

Ant started his career with Qualfab Ltd as a school leaver, where he trained as a fabricator/welder. His progress saw him master welding processes GMAW (MIG), GTAW (TIG) and FCAW (Flux Core), obtaining coding in all disciplines.

Ant’s time at Qualfab saw him train as an hex-metal installer/welder, this in turn progressed into refractory lining installations, styles included hand-packed thin wall, free-flow and vibro-cast thick-wall.
Ant Richards was first choice installer when forming CM Refractory in 2010.

Ant’s time at CM Refractory’s saw him establish his techniques quickly under close supervision from Craig Cutler (Owner and CEO CM Refractory’s).

Ant has an exceptional work ethic and a good eye for detail.
Ant’s hard work, honesty and integrity have been instrumental in his promotion to Works Manager for CM Refractory.

The exceptional quality of Ant’s work installing R-Max, Actchem and Resco AA-22 is among the best seen in the industry

team-ASAndrew Spencer – Refractory Mixing Supervisor
Andrew (Andy) duties include but are not limited to: ensuring all mixing is carried out in accordance with our customer’s specifications and procedures, this will include all materials used on the contract are as specified. Ensuring completion of all daily mixing sheets, recording all relevant parameters correctly.

Andy is responsible for the timely flow of refractory material to each installer as required.

Andy is responsible for recording all relevant details whilst daily test blocks are produced, marking each test sample with date, time and installers identity. This information regarding the test sample and identification are then entered on component location sketches and daily mixing log.

The mixing machines are Andy’s responsibility and any machine developing a fault or showing signs of wear, are taken out of service and immediately replaced with a serviceable machine. Andy then arranges for the repair of any defective machines.

Andy is one of two recently qualified First Aiders.

team-GBCraig Bendon – Refractory Installer
Craig has been a great addition to CM Refractories since joining us in 2012. Craig has brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has ten years of refractory experience in all aspects of refractory installations, including hand packed, rammed thin wall erosion resistant linings.

Craig also has experience in gunned linings, various thicknesses from 75mm up to multi-layer 200mm thick.
Craig has re-built units with brickwork, partial and complete removal and installation.

Thick wall installations are a speciality of Craig’s using most types of material, he has recently been responsible for a Vibro-cast project for CM Refractories, this included installing and removing all the steel form work.

Craig’s previous experience saw the majority of his time as supervisor on many projects, his role included organising refractory crews for the different types of linings.

Craig has also made a lot of the more complex form work as required for various geometries.

team-AlexAlex Sutherland – Refractory Installer
Alex has a solid 30 years of experience in many aspects of the refractory sector. Alex has travelled extensively worldwide and has been involved with many projects, not only as a first rate refractory installer but he has worked as a team leader and supervisor of mixing and installation crews.

The vast majority of Alex’s experience is with thin wall erosion resistant linings, predominantly `Hand Packed Installations` additionally he has carried out thin wall erosion resistant installations using `Ramming Techniques`, mallet and pneumatic.

Alex has carried out thick wall casting projects, using `Free flow materials` also using `Vibro-Cast` techniques.

Alex is one of a small elite few installers that can add `Gunning` of pumped refractories to his list of experiences.

team-DEDarren Eales – Assistant
Darren has recently joined CM Refractories, in 2014. Darren’s role is assistant to Andrew Spencer, this includes mixing refractory and supply of correct amount of material to installers.

Darren is also responsible for completing all mixing records, under Andrew Spencer’s guidance.

Darren holds a variety of moving and handling licences, including different types of Fork lift licence. He is responsible for offloading of all palletised material and storing, then supply of pallets to the mixing area as required to keep flow of mixing.

Darren also ensures the working areas both mixing and installation are kept organised and clean, his training and progress are ahead of what we would expect and anticipate for the time he has been with CM Refractories, We expect that he will become a first rate refractory mixer.

team-JGJason Green – Refractory Installer
Jason has five years refractory installation experience. This consists of a variety of site work which included travelling to Refineries around Europe.

Jason also has five years of welding anchorage systems experience. This also included travelling to Refineries in and around Europe.

Jason’s background is mechanical engineering and is capable of making and installing formwork for thick wall casting of refractory work.

Jason is one of two recently qualified First Aiders.

team-JCJenny Cutler – Company Secretary
Jenny is Company Secretary for CM Refractories. She organises much of the day to day paperwork generated by the business, this includes all administration duties, such as payroll, contract paperwork and invoicing.

Jenny also compiles employee’s personnel files, keeping them updated as their duties change or for any certification from courses they may have attended, such as ‘First Aid’, ‘Fire Marshall’ or ‘Moving and Handling’.
Jenny keeps records of all installer’s qualification that CM Refractories mixers and installers have to perform from time to time such as test panels and test blocks, using the various types of refractory to be employed on customer contracts. This is usually in the form of a passport specific to each person.

Jenny also keeps a diary of all employee’s time dependant certification, ensuring nothing runs out of date. Then reorganises re-qualification as required.

team-RFRyan Fellows – Refractory Installer
Ryan is one of CM Refractory, young and upcoming refractory installers.

Ryan started mixing refractory six years ago (2009) he then trained as an installer and is now fully qualified, he is quite an outstanding installer.

Ryan specialises in hand packed materials such as Dramicon–Actchem 85, Resco AA-22 and R-Max.

Ryan has worked on projects in Spain, Italy and the UK.

Ryan excelled as a trainee and now produces work that is as good as more experienced installers.

Ryan is a conscientious installer and strives to improve technique at every opportunity.