Gareth Jones Works Director Qualfab Ltd

We at Qualfab Ltd work in a niche market, manufacturing FCC cyclones for the majority of the oil companies, we have a philosophy: Your product must be of exceptional quality and truly fit for purpose. To get it wrong will risk in losing your Industrial virginity.

CM Refractory’s have proven they can produce refractory lining installation of the highest quality, on time, on budget every time without fail. This in turn offer our mutual customers the very best cyclones available anywhere in the world.

CM Refractory’s consist of an elite team of refractory mixing and installation crew with over 100 years collective experience. Refractory linings installed by CM are a proven product that regularly outperforms their competitors.

CM Refractories have installed in excess of 2500 tonne of refractory for Qualfab Ltd over a six year period, resulting in excellent quality linings.

CM Refractory’s have worked closely with Qualfab on emergency ‘Fast track’ shutdown projects working sometimes long and difficult shifts to ensure we deliver on time, this is of paramount importance when our customer needs this service.